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DIY for Kids and fun for children.

Pixel Art Pictures

Funny Dog

  Pixel Art Pictures for Kids – learn, draw, have fun!! See more than 130 videos on the Youtube channel – Instagram – @Pixellenger Patterns for Knitting, Embroidering for kids.                                            

Witch Hat for Halloween in 10 minutes – How to made

This is simple Witch Hat for Halloween made from 2 pieces of the acrylic felt. You can sew it in 5-10 minutes and decorate in any way by any accessories. Also, you can decorate this Hat for any party as a wizard hat or magician hat or stargazer hat.  

Coloring pictures

Coloring pictures  for preschool, kindergarten and elementary school children to print and color.

English for Kids * Train by Fingers with Clay * Learning Colors

Train by plasticine finished

English for Kids * Train by Fingers with Clay / Plasticine * Learning Colors

Cute Owl made by Plasticine – Learning colors

Video for Kids that helps to learn colors.  First easy lessons for Kids.

English for Kids – First Lessons – 1*2*3

This video can be viewed by the youngest child at the age from 1 year.  Kids will learn counting up to 3 and remember numbers 1, 2, 3.  A funny Minion will cheer up your children and help you learn the numbers faster.  Yellow ducklings also teach children to count up to 3.  Children better …

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