The Sly Fox

There lives a Fox. He always boasts before other animals that he can deceive anyone. One day he decides to steal a chicken at the Sunday fair.

On Sunday the Fox comes to the fair. But some dogs smell him and begin to run after him. The Fox runs away from them and hides in a barrel in a yard. A Painter lives in the yard. It is his barrel. The barrel is full of blue paint. After dark the Fox climbs out of the barrel and runs into the forest. Suddenly he sees that he is covered with blue paint. The silly Fox thinks that now he is not like other animals.

Now he can say he is their king. He goes to the middle of  the clearing in the forest and sits on a high stump. In the morning some animals come to the clearing too. They are afraid of the strange blue creature. The Fox tells them,

“I am your king now.”

The animals believe him and bring him a lot of presents, food and drinks. The Fox eats and drinks evrythings. Soon he feels very good. He begins to sing. The animals hear his voice and understand everything. It is a Fox! They start beating him. Since then the Fox never deceives anymore.

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